Bike To See Taiwan

Folding Bike Food Adventures around Taiwan

Friday 11/22 to Sunday 12/01/2019 (Interested? Email Steve:


Foldie Foodie “Bike To See Taiwan – A Taste of Taiwan” is a leisurely paced folding bike food adventure that will lead you to various cities of Taiwan to experience the beautiful scenic bike paths and to sample tasty food across the island.  Over the course of this unforgettable 9 days and 8 nights trip which combines the best of touring by bus, by bike and by foot into an unique way to see, taste and experience a glimpse of “Ilha Formosa”, a name given by early Portuguese Sea Explorers for Taiwan which translates as “Beautiful Island”. As we walk through old streets in modern cities and visit historical museum, we will experience both the past and the present of Taiwan. And as we bike, we will ride along various river, lake and seacoast waterfront and pedal across serene landscape. As we travel by chartered mini bus and train between cities, we will see beautiful fields, towering mountains and magnificence gorges.

Here’s a look of 2016’s Itinerary to give you some ideas :

Day 1

• We arrive in Taiwan early morning with a pick up from the airport by our chartered mini bus. Do some sightseeing around Taipei including visiting National Palace Museum and have some famous yummies from Din Tai Fung. Check into our hotel to freshen up and a rest a bit before a leisurely paced evening bike ride along Taipei Riverside and City.

Day 2

• We begin our day with a bike ride through the Historical Dadaocheng area and bike along Danshui River bike paths to Danshui Old Street. Load up our bikes onto the mini bus and wrap up the day visiting Night Market.

Day 3

• We start our south bound journey visiting Pacific Cycle Museum for a rare collection of bicycles from around the world. Enjoying scenic bike rides along Taoyuan’s Xinwu waterfront and Taichung’s Bikeway before traveling towards Sun Moon Lake.

Day 4

• We begin our day with a lovely morning bike ride along Sun Moon Lake. Traveling south visiting the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan and enjoying a bike ride around the green space surrounding the museum. Then touring historical sites of Tainan and sampling tasty Tainan Street Food before traveling further south towards Kaohsiung.

Day 5

• We start our day with a bike ride along Love River bike path towards the Pier 2 Art Center by the Kaohsiung waterfront. We then travel south towards Hengchun Old Town and bike to Kenting National Park.

Day 6

• We begin our travel from west coast to east coast up along the eastern seacoast of Taiwan to bike around Taitung’s Paposogan Seashore Park and Forest Park.

Day 7

• We start our day traveling to Chishang Township for a bike ride along serene rice fields and enjoy local famous rice lunchbox before traveling towards Hualien.

Day 8

• We begin our day visiting Taroko National Park before catching a north bound train to Fulong and bike along the northern seacoast of Taiwan via Old Caoling Tunnel bike path before traveling back to Taipei.

Day 9

• Sightseeing around Taipei before heading towards the airport at 3:30pm catching a 7:10pm Flight back to NYC.