2018 Foldie Foodie Brommie Yummie

2018 Bike To See Taiwan

Interview on WLIW21 about “Steven Huang’s Foldie Foodie – How & Why I started a Foldie Foodie Brommie Yummie :-)”

To receive the next Ride/Event Announcement Email, please contact Steve: foldiefoodie(at)gmail.com

Brommie Yummie Foldie Foodie is a New York City based folding bike community that started in May 2010. We are passionate about folding bikes and food and we celebrate this with our leisurely paced folding bike food adventures experiencing the world through exploring different neighborhoods and tasting various food. We ride folding bikes because it’s neat, practical and takes up less space compared to typical bikes with 26″ wheels. The compactness of most folding bikes allows us the flexibility to simply fold up and take it with us into a car, bus, train and airplane to travel locally or internationally around the world.

Our folding bike food adventures usually consist of a group bike ride around 13-19 miles with stops in between for food, fun and interesting conversations. Annually, we organized at least 6-10 group bike rides with an average of 15-20 participants coming from different backgrounds bought together by our love of folding bikes and food. We currently have around 250 people on our email list receiving our group bike ride announcement and I am proud to say that we are one of the most friendly bike clubs/associations/communities.

Typically, Brommie Yummie is Bromptons prefer and Foldie Foodie is for all folding bikes as well as those who are folding bike curious… (this means your friend with big wheels might be able to join us if you let me know in advance to make arrangement 🙂 Time and effort is put into ride preparation, therefore a guide fee of $20 will be greatly appreciated from ride participants to support the designing & organizing of these rides. Questions or RSVP for upcoming rides, please email me at: foldiefoodie(at)gmail.com

Thanks to Tao Jones from WSJ Speakeasy, here’s my 4 paragraphs worth of fame:

I’m far from the only person to have fallen under the folding-bike spell. There’s something about folders that make them eerily addictive. Steve Huang, a graphic designer and avid folder fan, was a well-compensated but unfulfilled insurance broker when he bought his first folding bike, a $100 no-brand model from China. He quickly decided it was too clunky for his purposes, and bought a $400 entry-level Dahon Boardwalk, then moved up to a $550 Breezer i3 — a U.S.-made folder “inspired” by the Brompton. That broke his last shred of resistance.

“I couldn’t help it, I wanted the real thing,” he laughs. “But the starting price on Bromptons is $900. I went home and told my wife that I was thinking of buying another folding bike, and she freaked out. She wouldn’t talk to me all night. Finally, I sold an upright bass I had that I wasn’t playing for $1500, and bought my first Brompton.”

He now has four. He’s quit his insurance job to go back to his first love, graphic design, and to work part-time for David Lam at BFold, New York’s premier folding bike specialist store. And he organizes a regular foodie-folder outing called Brommie Yummie, which brings 30 or 40 Brompton owners together for an all-day ride around the city, punctuated by stops at different restaurants for gourmet nosh. “Our motto is ‘Eat, Bike, Fold,’” he says. Here’s a video of the inaugural ride back on May 23, 2010.

When we discuss why folding bikes are so irresistible, he’s the one who says, “It’s an Asian thing.” Folding bikes make up the majority of the bicycle market in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, driven in large part by space limitations.

“And we all grew up with Voltron and the Transformers,” he notes. “And origami. Folding things is just in our blood. It’s just a part of the Asian collective unconscious”

To celebrate my passions for Tai Chi and Brompton Folding Bike, here’s an interpretation captured by photographer Alex Bitar.


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    1. Thank you for your interest! My apology for the late reply, I’m not always aware of the comments on WordPress. To add you on my email list for upcoming rides, could you please email me at: foldiefoodie@gmail.com Thank you!

  1. I’m a 58 yr old knée replacement Old time bike enthusiasts! July 8th will be two years since my surgery and it’s been years since my bike riding escapades! After surgery during my rehab on a stationery bike bought back my fond bike riding memories that I had long forgotten and now I have renewed my enthusiasm and I’m BACK and would like to join the group, Thank you and hope to join you guys soon!

    1. Hi Tyrone, thank you for your interest! Congrats on a successful knee surgery for almost 2 years! To add you on my email list for upcoming rides, could you please email me at: foldiefoodie@gmail.com Thank you!

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