2019 Ride Dates • Sunday 06/23, Sunday 07/21, Sunday 08/18, Sunday 09/22, Sunday 10/20 • To join the ride, please RSVP via email: foldiefoodie@gmail.com

©2018 Steven S. Huang

摺疊食客 Foldie Foodie 小布騎吃 Brommie Yummie started in May 2010 organizing 小摺美食探索團 Folding Bike Food Adventures in NYC + Taiwan.

We are a folding bike community passionate about folding bikes and food and we celebrate this with our leisurely paced folding bike food adventures experiencing the world through exploring different neighborhoods and tasting various food. Currently, we aim to organize 5-9 NYC Rides between May to October and 1-2 Taiwan Trips either April or November. To receive the next Ride/Trip Announcement Email, please contact Steve: foldiefoodie(at)gmail.com

This past Memorial Day (2018) I just celebrated my ninth anniversary of doing these folding bike food adventures. And one of the murals that I came across in Lower East Side is a slice of bread. And on top it says “spread love,” so when I saw that, I just decided to bring my whole group over. We posed in front of that picture behind “spread love.” I did that because it described what we did for the past 9 years with these folding bike rides. Because Flushing has taught me about diversity — diversity in culture, diversity in food, and diversity in thoughts. So if we could have something in common, which is this humble, tiny little wheel folding bike bring us together, allow us to use this bike to get to a place, get to a different neighborhood, to sample different foods, and to learn about different culture. Through that understanding perhaps you could take away our prejudice and perhaps we could be more loving and be more kind towards each other.