2013.04.21 NYC Type-IN

When my mentor and good friend Michael McGettigan from Philly’s Trophy Bike recently asked me to co-produce “NYC Type-IN: a jam session for manual typewriters and the people who love them.” I say yes right away because we are alike that by day we work at bike shop and by night we geek out on manual typewriters. With the help of our gracious host Lorcan Otway, Theatre 80 and William Barnacle Tavern, the first Manhattan Type-IN was a blast! Here are photos documenting this historical event:

I am still new to the typosphere and I didn’t get to start another site about manual typewriter yet so I am using my folding bike food tour site to share these photos as quickly as I can. I also didn’t catch all the make & model of typewriters I took photos of. Please help me to label them accordingly? Thank you! – Steven  nyctyper(at)gmail.com

4 thoughts on “2013.04.21 NYC Type-IN

  1. Great to see young and old, men and women, fast and slow, all enjoying these machines. I can’t wait to see the TV show.

    Welcome to the typosphere!

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